Monday, June 28, 2010


Date & Time: Thursday 7/8
Time: 11:00 to 3:30
We will meet at information
desk at the top of the tram.
Place: J.Paul Getty Museum
Address: 1200 Getty Center Dr
Los Angeles, 90049
Directions: or
call 310.440.7300 for directions.
Driving from Santa Monica take
the 405 north and exit at
Getty Center Drive
Parking: Parking is $10.00 entry
is free. Please bring student ID ask
parking attendant if student discount
is available. Shuttle also provided
from locations. Please check for shuttle

Monday, June 7, 2010

Movies that inspire

I saw Prince of Persia and rented Alice in Wonderland this weekend, cool fx and fashion ideas, will be posting more movie inspired illustrations, stay tuned.
stay fashionable. Jemi

Fashion Seminar

Thanks to all those who made the Photoshop for Fashion Seminar a huge success! We all had fun and learned a lot from my professor/husband. We are planning another one soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What is a Sarcophagi?

As I was sitting on Venice Beach today enjoying the fun & sun with the other plebeians a seemingly random conversation arose between myself and Kiko – one of the locals. He inquired if I knew the root of the word “GOSSIP” perhaps this old English derivation could present an interesting topic for my blog (along with other morsels) he suggested. These little nuggets could entice any blog viewers wanting to know the latest random factoids. Great idea! “Lets think of other words that have interesting meaning or weird Latin root words”, I exclaimed. Then for no apparent reason I shouted out “Sarcophagi” and Kiko looked at me blankly, “What the hell does that mean?” I was surprised that this intelligent man did not know this…I was later informed that this is a word that most people educated or not, do not know. So just for posterity sarcophagi is a Latin/Greek derivative on flesh and eating. Today used to describe a coffin. The Latin word comes from the fact that limestone boxes housed dead bodies that were being laid to rest for all eternity. The acid in the limestone destroyed the flesh, so hence the word “flesh eating” or “sarcof – e –gy” gross, but sort of interesting, at least I thought so. For clarity “gossip” is from an old English saying. Men would go to their local pubs and “sip-beer” or “go-sip” hence GOSSIP…But here is the point, I think people in general are pretty smart, and that we all could do with a little more smarts. I am not exactly sure how to achieve this but reading is a good place to start…So for anyone who is interested I am going to produce a list of books that are standard to what used to be deemed “A body of knowledge” stuff that every curious, intelligent person had to be familiar with. Please feel free to add to this list as it is only my personal starting point. Or you could post on this blog your suggestions for summer reading under the post:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fashion Warriors Illustrations

Just wanted to post some of the "GIRLS" from the gallery exhibition "Fashion Warriors". Wynn and I created this together and exhibited these illustrations. They were done using markers, photography and digital techniques. All the photo's I shot on location at the origin of the particular woman. So, "Mary Queen Of Scots" I went to Melrose Abbey in Scotland and so on and so forth...They are all basically "fashion make-overs" done on some epic broads...Enjoy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

love my smc students

So today I mustered up the courage to look at the website “rate your” and view my profile (for the very first time)…I heard from students my rating was good and there were only a few mean comments. I was pleasantly surprised to note out of 16 comments only 3 people couldn’t stand me. It is satisfying that there was no “luke-warm” comments. I can handle being hated… but it is worse to be a middle of the road or mediocre professor…So I wanted to say thanks to all the students that took the time to say nice and really funny things, it is really appreciated…Santa Monica students are some of the coolest, smartest, most wonderful students on the planet…I really love you guys (especially the person who made the Meryl Streep comment) wish I knew who it was...stay fashionable, Jem

And for the student who said "she is too interested in her dogs"...your right, so I thought I would post a pic for you...since they are the cutest pups on the planet!I love them so hurts!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

art history matters

Poincare’s Pontification

Henri Poincare and 18th century mathematician and philosopher advanced a theory, according to which the creative process passes through various stages such as preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. In this theory ideas can pass through the mental colander and be strained into the unconscious. Only the viable creative concepts, those raising to the standard set forth by the conscious will curate and see the light of day or be acted on. So the theory goes. What is useful about Poincare’s Pontification is the notion that the creative process is initiated as a lone thought gestating before coming to fruition. Poincare was a head of his time. The capacity to create and illuminate an aesthetically beautiful image was considered divinely ordained up to the 20th century. Sadly, some teachers still believe this myth and it impeded their ability to encourage or inspire certain pupils. Creativity is not God given. It is a rigorous and deeply satisfying mental process. Knowledge and research are key components in firing up the